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Dexter: the finale

Massive spoilers ahead:

I watched the finale last night (31/01/2016) and I have to say it is haunting me. It’s like all great dramatic art in that way. There are a lot “What if…?” questions for me, like there was for that Australian drama film “Summerfield”.

That being said, the ending did leave me dissatisfied and sad. It would have been life-affirming if Dexter had been redeemed by love…renouncing killing and leading a domestic life in Argentina. Instead we have an empty shell of a man at the end. Presumably he is no longer calling himself “Dexter Morgan”. Harry has left his psyche. There is no “Dexter” to narrate the story any more. I got the impression that Dexter had given up killing (when he leaves Oliver Saxon to Debra, for arrest).

It was very sad to have his sister, Debra die. Would have liked that to have not been the case. Not having read the books the tv series was based on, I don’t know how he evolved there. I did think that maybe the tv series could have possibly orchestrated a romantic relationship between Debra and her foster brother, Dexter. That might have been one trajectory for an extended tv series.

It didn’t bother me that Dexter left his young son, Harrison, with Hannah McKay. What did bother me was that Dexter abandoned both of them. Hannah would be under no obligation to look after Harrison in any case. Dexter has also destroyed Hannah’s hopes of them having a life together.

From my point of view, Dexter’s choices aren’t logical and it was sad for him to choose desolation over hope…maybe the scriptwriters had to work very hard to orchestrate and manufacture this undesirable (from my point of view) outcome. It seems to me that the scriptwriters were working under the sort of logic that existed decades ago for homosexual characters in pop culture…they led lives of misery and killed themselves or died. They were “bad” people who must be punished. Hence Debra dying for her “sins” and Dexter suffering for his. What happened to the biblical model concerning one conversion on the road to Damascus?

Lastly, perhaps, I was wondering if Dexter’s new life was planned…he seemed to be wanting to kill himself in the hurricane. If it was a planned outcome, it seemed a very implausible outcome!

If Dexter and Debra couldn’t have come to love each other in a sexual way (Debra being sad about this was affecting) then I was hoping for Debra to be alive at the end and for Dexter to be living a new life with Hannah and Harrison in Argentina, having given up killing. That would have been hopeful and a redeeming ending for him.

Oh well.